Free to Air Television, Freesat All in one box

Free to Air Satellite (Freesat) also known as, ‘Freeview’ or ‘Sat4free’, is available here in Ireland. Freesat just requires a one-off payment for your equipment and installation and comes with over 150 Channels, including BBC1, BBC2, UTV, CH4, CH5, More 4, Film Four and Cartoons, News, Movies, interactive channels and radio. This installation can be combined with Saorview to also include all the Irish Channels.

This is a very easy unit to use

  • Once-off payment
  • No contract
  • No Phone line needed
  • Multiroom installations available – watch different Channels in different rooms
  • If you have already bought your own satellite box and TV we will set it up for you
  • 1 Year warranty on all work

Freesat is a excellent way to watch Digital TV

It has a 8 day guide which can tell viewers what’s on up to 8 days ahead.

It’s an excellent choice if your existing television can already receive Saorview – Saorview (i.e. has a Mpeg 4 Tuner)

If your television can’t receive Saorview – no problem – we can still offer you a solution for this.

Getting Freesat means you don’t need to manually retune your TV or digital receiver to add new channels – the Freesat receiver will retune itself, making it the hassle-free choice.

Freesat HD

Freesat HD receivers work in the same way as above only they offer a few extra channels, in High Definition, from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Combo box Saorview / Freesat Channels

All the benefits of Freesat and Digital RTE Channels from one Hd combined digital box.